アンゲラ・クライン 国際社会主義左翼(internationalen sozialistischen linken/isl:第四インターナショナル・ドイツ支部) からのメッセージ




 私は国際社会主義左翼(internationalen sozialistischen linken/isl:第四
インターナショナル・ドイツ支部) を代表してこのメールを書いています。
 あなた方の健闘を強く願っています ― 核のない世界のために共に闘いましょう。


Dear comrades,
I am writing You on behalf of the isl, the German section of the Fouth

We wish to express You our deepest regret and also concern about the
threefold catastrophe You have to experience. Many Japanese people live
in the region around Cologne and Du"sseldorf and lots of Germans have
friends or even relatives in Japan.

But there is also a strong political response: We already had a comeback
of the anti-nuclear movement last year, and it is being fuelled now
every more day we learn what is happening in Japan. Yesterday the
movement had called for a memorial day, 100.000 people attended in 450
cities and smaller towns. The weekend before a human chain was organised
in the Southeast of Germany to call for the immediate turn off of the
older nuclear plants in Germany. Only last year, our
conservative-liberal government had decided to prolong the service life
of all nuclear plants (we have 17) by 8 to 12 years. Now this decision
is strongly challenged and the government had to announce a moratorium
of three month on that decision. But the movement is strong and it won't
give up until at least a close term for their definite turning off is
decided. Some 3 plants will be shut off immediately.

We follow very closely the news coming from Japan. But it is very
difficult for us to understand, how people are reacting and if they pose
themselves more deepgoing questions about this kind of technology. Also,
it appears like a tragedy to us, that a nation which experienced so much
injury with the nuclear bombing of its cities could decide to make
nuclear energy its most important form of energy.

We would be very glad, if You could find the resources to write about
those questions. We would like to publish that staff in our monthly
paper, but I am sure, International Viewpoint and Inprecor would also be
eager to print it.

I am not sure, whether I can ask You for that in this moment - of
course, if it seems impossible to You, You have all our respect. Please
let us simply know what You think about it.

Our best wishes and all our hopes for You - let's struggle together for
a nuclear free world.

Comradely Yours
Angela Klein